My Family all Together!
Our Church’s Sisters!
(they rock the house)







I am pastor Rod Page of Lewiston Community Church. I have been married to the same wonderful gal since 1979 and have four grown children and six grandkids. I am passionate about Jesus Christ and His bride the church. You can check out my church’s website at www.LewistonCommunityChurch.org for more information on our teaching and beliefs.

Our purpose is found on our Purpose page and if you have any questions about that or anything else related to this ministry you can email me at rod.page@icloud.com

God bless you and keep you in His truth!

Pastor Rod 

P.S. I have included a few pics – in case you want to see ‘who’ we are – they are mostly just for fun. 


Yorktown Battlefield, Virginia –
I love history!



This is the beautiful Trinity River that runs through our neighborhood!
One of our most favorite spots – at the Mendocino Coast! Can you tell we love the ocean?